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Dr. Tracey Maione hails from the University of Illinois earning both her Bachelor’s degree of pre-veterinary science and her doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in Urbana-Champaign.  She grew up in Chicago and the near north suburbs, but has claimed the north side of Chicago as her beloved home base for the last 9 years.  Dr. Maione has had 9 years of clinical experience in 3 veterinary practices before transitioning to her recent ownership and medical directorship of Oz Animal Hospital.  One practice was the University of Illinois’ teaching hospital and referral center which tasked her with training future graduates in the field on the most progressive medical practices while working side by side with boarded specialists in internal medicine, behavior, oncology, rehabilitation, and surgery, to afford her patients the latest and best the field has to offer.  She brings her passions of medical care that is thorough and holistic in approach, up to date, and affordable for the families of her furry patients.

She is well known in Chicago for her outreach efforts in encouraging and mentoring youths of all ages to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.  Dr. Maione also believes in public education and outreach and routinely gives educational seminars on various health topics from community events, to radio shows, blogs, journals and television.

Dr. Maione sits on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association because she believes in supporting the profession on the bigger picture levels such as local politics and legislation that involves animals, animal welfare issues facing the Chicago-land area, and enhancing public understanding of the value of veterinarians to their communities.  She is also a member of the American Veterinary Medical AssociationIllinois State Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Animal Hospital Association.

At home with the help of her loving husband Paul, she takes care of 3 dogs: A rambunctious 3-legged Boxer named Ramona, a suspect Pit Bull/Shar-Pei or Chow mix named Loza, and smokey grey and sometimes moody minature poodle named Fredo. Outside of the field her favorite hobby is international travel.